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Storm Chaser as a profession

I think there is one dream many storm enthusiasts have, that is to chase tornadoes and storms and get paid for it. Who wouldn't like to be traveling all over the US chasing tornadoes and get paid money while doing it. But is this idea just a dream? The truth is, most storm chasers do not make a living from chasing tornadoes and storms.  Storm chasing and chasing tornadoes is a business like any other. What do you have to sell, what product do you offer? Many tornado chasers are videographers, and great at it. So there are photographers and videographers who are making some money, but you need very good video or photos to compete.  It comes down to the fact that you need to be able to market and sell something. If you aren't great at  photography and videography, you aren't a professional researcher, than you will need to find something that others will pay for. I write books and sell videos to make a living as a storm chaser, but it's not easy to make enough to live off of all year long.  The fact is most storm chaser's burn more money than they will ever make back as a chaser.  Making a living as a storm chaser is mostly a dream and not much reality to it, but that doesn't stop thousands from chasing down tornadoes every year in tornado alley.

Rules every storm chaser should follow.



Warning: Storm chasing exposes one to many weather hazards, such as lightning, dangerous roads, damaging winds, hail, and flying debris which puts the chaser's or spotters life at risk, particularly those who have little or no experience and /or storm structure education, and should only be done by trained persons.  You can be killed by participating in this kind of activity, highly experienced storm chasers have, so don't think it is all fun and games; it can be fatal if you make a mistake. The author(s) of these pages and the contents therein is (are) not responsible for any of your actions as a result of what you see here!

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Read Tornado Tim's new book.

A thrilling and heartwarming story, this novel follows Tornado Tim's connection to tornadoes and the adventures of the chase. Journey with Tornado Tim as you learn about his deep connection with tornadoes from childhood and how this connection earned him his notable name. Along the way, you will experience the thrill of the chase and the challenges every chaser faces. During these adventures, Tornado Tim partners with a girl named Sarah to work on a joint project. Going from lone chaser to sharing his journey with another provides unique challenges. As they both learn to adapt to life together, the reader sees their growth as they encounter life on the edge. Based on real life experiences, this fictional novel takes you along for the ride of a lifetime.





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